Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Calcium Diet

On March 15th I started a diet called The Calcium Diet. But I better back up a bit. For the previous two weeks I had been reading a book with the catchy title "How the Rich Get Thin" by Dr. Jana Klauer who specializes in helping people with obesity issues in New York city.

Yes, I was hooked by the title but while I was reading it (for free at Chapters) I KNEW that this was a lifestyle eating program that was directed at me and women like me.

Women like me are: over 50, going through menopause, work at fairly sedentary jobs and having been putting on a pound or two a year since their metabolism slowed down since hitting 40. Sound familiar??

The Calcium Diet has five non-negotiables: an hour of daily exercise (yes, housework and walking count - just get MOVING), calcium-rich foods, high-quality protein at every meal, conquering food cravings by eating "filling" as opposed to "fattening" foods, and eliminating all processed foods.

The keys are calcium-rich foods (all low-fat dairy products, fish and dark-green veggies) and lots and lots of protein with the best sources being: egg-whites, fish, shellfish, turkey and chicken.

Finding a diet that emphasizes dairy was like finding a pot of gold! I love cheese, yogurt, milk and cottage cheese. Finding low fat (0 - 1%) was easy. As my partner knows I could live on plain yogurt smothered in fresh fruit, cereal and nuts, seeds and raisins. All of those add-ons though add a lot of calories. I have now come to love my plain 0% yogurt with just fresh fruit and a teaspoon of flax seeds, ground or whole.

I get to add cheese to my egg-white omelets and to spice things up I add hot peppers, cayenne pepper, bits of chicken, sauted sweet peppers and onions. Delicious!

Four weeks later I still feel totally satisfied with what I am eating on a daily basis. Never have I stuck to an eating plan for longer than one week. And I have lost 11.6 pounds. So far. I have more energy and fit back into clothing I haven't worn for quite a while.

Stay tuned for more info about this diet, my progress and tips for revving up your metabolism to increase FAT loss.

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