Monday, November 9, 2009

Septoplasty....Nasty?..... or Nice?

Ok, here's the before. What's that weird bumpy thing halfway up my nose? And since when did my nose in profile have more ups and downs than the stock market? Huh? (We'll discuss double chins some other time!) No wonder air was having difficulty traversing the corners, hills and valleys in my schnozzola. Step aside Jimmy Durante!

Here's my nose at about 3pm today. The deviation in my septum has been repaired and although I still can't breathe it does look straighter. I am really really really hoping that short-term pain will translate into long-term gain because, man, my brain needs more oxygen!

On a side note, it was absolutely delightful to sit outside today in what for November was balmy 18c weather. You know something is wacko with the world's weather when November has better weather than October. I am actually hoping for a green Christmas!

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