Thursday, June 13, 2019


Hello my neglected friends.  I'm back to get caught up - lots has been happening, mostly good I'd say. First off - we are holding our own health-wise. Kazi has the first of her quarterly pap tests booked for July. We hope that her next four tests remain clear. She is changing jobs in a few weeks and hopes that it won't be as stressful as her current position. Anxiety is a b--ch!! As for me I have no complaints. Feeling strong, hiking a LOT!  I would like to do an 8-10 day long distance walking trip to the UK but not sure if I can make it happen this year. A lot depends on Kazi's health and of course I want to be close by her just in case.

That's not to say I'm not spending any money - quite the opposite. I finally got my deck/patio project approved by my condo board - yippeeee! But cha-ching!! Wish I was a handy woman some days. But also know this is not a job for an amateur. At least not this one :)  Actually it's not too complicated - there's an A/C unit to work around as well as a window well and the concrete steps. I've let "my guy" know that the project can go ahead - he's thinking around the first of July and it'll take two days to complete. Can't wait to put my patio furniture out on a level platform instead of wobbly flagstones.
Hopeful the chipmunks move on to the neighbour's yard while they're working in mine!

I've been doing a lot inside the house with lots more to do. Yes the spring cleaning will soon become "summer cleaning"! Things are not getting done in a BIG hurry because we've had SOOOOOOOOO much rain that whenever we get a decent day I am out on the trail hiking or biking. We have a lake on the outskirts of London called Fanshawe Lake and there is a trail all the way around it totalling 20kms. It takes me between 4 and 4.5 hours to hike all the way around. It's one of the nicest areas I've ever hiked and I'm so happy it's near me. I bought a yearly pass for only $25 which allows me to drive in, park and then hike the multiple trails as often as I want. A very good deal.

I don't know if you've ever seen something called "Privacy Pop-up" tents for sale in your facebook feed but as soon as I saw them I thought that's for me! I love love love sleeping in a tent and this design is great - your mattress goes inside and there are zippered openings on all sides. Luna and Lily love it too and nap in there. The only problem is I sleep that a real problem? When I posted about it on facebook Carla said they'd got one for their youngest and she loves it and that it was good quality so that was the push I needed to go for it. I really look forward to going to bed now :)
That's not me LOL!
In addition I bought a new mattress and a new bed frame and new bedding - $$$$. (I decided in a conversation with one of my brothers that the retirement money I've been saving since I was in my 20's is for me to use now that I am retired - makes sense right? ) Not all of it at once obviously :)

I'll close with a few photos as usual:
There are hundreds of these bad boys!

Trillims are Ontario's provincial flower - the white ones
are more common than these beauties. Also come
in pale pink!

Sent this photo to my brother who has been in Ireland the last
three weeks - they've got nothing on us!
Green as green can be!

Gorgeous trails, a wee bit of mud here and there but not bad considering all the rain and flooding we've had.

Phlox is in bloom now.


and beautiful blue skies!

That path is calling to me!

Fanshawe Lake

More of Fanshawe Lake

Fisherman on the right side of the Thames during flood season.
Today I am thankful for a rainy day as I promised myself to get caught up on the blogs on the next rainy day. As long as it doesn't last for the next few days!


  1. Good to see you back posting Jane and I'm so glad things are going ok for Kazzie. And well done you on the hiking. I keep saying "I must" but never seem to get around to it.

  2. I have been thinking about you especially after the posts regarding Kazi. I am glad she is OK. Welcome back!

  3. Glad things are on track! Yes, definitely spend all that hard earned retirement money - as you get older you will spend less. I see it already with my Mom. Enjoy what you have now. Love the privacy tent.

  4. I was just thinking about you the other day hoping everything was okay. :) We have had a lot of rain here too meaning I haven't been able to get out to walk. Love your pictures of the paths!

  5. I think about Kazi and pray for her every night. I love that pop up tent thingy. Great for company and just plain sleeping. I with I had the time to go on a hike besides to the bathroom.

  6. So glad you're back. I've been wondering about Kazi and hoping all was well with her. Glad things seem to be going okay for her.

    I'm LOVING that privacy tent...hmmm...enjoy your outdoors, the new patio and your hikes. xx

  7. Still praying for Kazi over here too!
    And I love those bed pop up tents and have been eyeing them for a while too. Not for me, but for the boy. ANYTHING to keep him in bed. ;)

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