Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Things are Moving Along

Well it's a busy time of year in the land of birds and plants! And for us humans too as the warm weather means all the crap that was under the snow is now plain to see. I've raked and swept several times as the trees are loaded with buds that fall off the trees a bit at a time. Although I live in a condo complex the area is well treed with locusts, maples, cedars, spruce etc etc. When I first bought the place in 1994 the maples were little saplings - now at 80' tall they loom over the house providing lots of shade. I don't mind shade in the summer as I rarely have to use my A/C but all the sun-loving perennials I planted years ago of course didn't survive. Ah well, life changes frequently doesn't it?

I've been busy over at Kilally Meadows (I sometimes think I should change the name of my blog to Kilally Meadows as I practically live there!) I spotted a merlin on Sunday - that's a new raptor for me though while I can stand seeing ospreys with fish in their claws I do NOT want to watch the merlins ripping small birds apart! Ugh!
Mr. and Mrs. Osprey in their man-made nest! I
notice they've added a few more sticks to give it
the personal touch :)

Speaking of birds I had a fun encounter with a starling the other day - as my guidebook says they are very gregarious and while this one hopped around a bit it came quite close and I snapped a few good photos that are actually in focus for a change! Her beak was yellow which means she is breeding and boy she was sure happy about it!

I've never seen a bird smile before!

The meadows were flooded here and there after all the rain we had and I had to turn around at one point due to the trail being underwater. Not nearly so bad as last year though. I took my chances when out on my bike Monday cycling through a few flooded areas. I figured I'd be reckless as an elderly Japanese man told me it would only be up to my ankles - he was right though my socks got wet and that felt rather unpleasant! :( 

Due to the flooding the marsh marigolds were blooming in places where they've never been seen (by me) before - I guess that is how plants spread and take over new environments.
Marsh Marigold

I've  contacted a company to see how much it would cost to put a deck platform on my patio. I've tried several times to grow grass with no luck.  So much stuff falls from the trees that I've swept out all the tiny gravel (pea gravel?) between the flagstones and there's just no dirt for the grass to hold onto. My patio water source is at my next door neighbour's house (my hose it at the front of my house) and her tap leaks so I've given up asking her to use her hose. Anyways...I think a deck will be really useful - you should see me try to find a reasonably flat spot to park my chairs and other outdoor furniture - due to the flagstones everything wibble wobbles!

After that gets done I'm thinking about getting Bathfitters in - they put in a new shower surround and new bathtub and give a lifetime guarantee. Should have done it years ago haha! I'm also working on spring cleaning though I noticed the dining room window is speckled again due to recent heavy rains. Drat. Spring cleaning is going to turn into summer cleaning and then fall cleaning...

I hope you're all doing well and in fine fettle with spring in the air finally. I open my doors and windows every chance I get to bring the fresh air inside. Sure perks a person up. Volleyball ends this Friday with an all-day tournament and then my routine will change a bit as I'll have more time for myself and will hike and cycle ending up at DQ afterwards :) (I did that on Monday already!!!)

Ok, time to think about supper. There...I've thought about it HAH!

Over and out.


  1. The cleaning is never ending....ask me how I know lol. We are trying to decide how to extend our patio next summer - current one is cement but it doesn't go large enough for what we want. That kind of thing is so pricey these days. The bathfitter will be a huge improvement on your home. We ordered carpet, will be installed late May:) Sunny and 15 degrees here today so I planted my $1.49 day tomato plants and transplanted my strawberries to hopefully rodent proof containers (1 foot off ground) - and even did some weeding! Damn weeds. Doesn't take much for them to take over.

  2. I need to get out and into our garden too. Like you I am opening the doors and windows whenever I get a chance.

  3. The spring is still dragging her feet over here. Last Saturday, it even snowed a little bit. Hopefully, it will get warmer soon. Living in an apartment, I have no chores outside.

  4. I wish I was out there with you, wet feet and all!

  5. Gosh your photos are just stunning. And maybe it's an "age" thing but I find that as I get older I really want to know what all the different birds and plants and so on are! Wasn't that interested previously (or maybe I was just to busy!)! And I LOVE having all my doors and windows open too. You can't beat it!

  6. It feels like everyone is getting regular does of spring but us. We have a nice day or two, then back to cold and now this weekend there might be sleet-possibly snow! good luck deciding on your home projects. We are in home project stress right now.

  7. Bit of a gusty day today in the south, but warm(ish) at least. We've had rain on and off the past couple of days (including 'sand rain', all the way from the Sahara! That was strange to find on the car...) and I've now got buds and bits and pieces all over the car. Really needs a wash! A deck sounds like a great solution for your garden xx


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