Monday, June 24, 2019

Fanshawe Lake Trail


So the one day I don't go OUT into nature...nature comes to me! In the form of a fledgling
bluejay. I noticed Lilypad throwing herself against the screen patio door and went over to have
a look and there was a beautiful little bluejay. As sweet as Lilypad is she desperately wanted
to have a go at the fledgling. So I closed the glass door to the patio as well as I really thought
she was going to break the screen. It's ok Lilypad, I know you're just acting on instinct.

The fledgling seems to be in good shape and looks healthy.  It just can't flutter very far, basically hopping around on the patio furniture. I looked up on the local London Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre, called Salthaven, and this is what they had to say:

Fledglings - have proper feathers, can perch and may even be able to flutter short distances. These youngsters often leave the nest and sit on branches nearby, waiting for their parents to return with food. Unless they are in immediate danger, they should be left and observed from a distance. The parents usually come back within a short time. Keep cats away from the fledglings. 

That means YOU Lilypad! While I watched an adult bluejay landed beside the fledgling and popped something in its mouth. So it wasn't going hungry. As I watch its flying skills seem to be improving and it is hopping and flying slightly higher distances. I wonder if it's better off inside my enclosed patio, where it is now, or whether I should place it outside the patio where it would be more vulnerable but possibly closer to its nest. I think it's best to continue to keep an eye on things - it's safe, it's being fed and it's growing stronger. If anything changes I'll call Salthaven and see what they recommend.

NATURE is so fascinating!!


  1. Great shots! So cool to have it right on your patio

  2. Great pictures and how different the fledgling looks to the adult bird. We only get their cousins on this side of the Atlantic and I guess their name "jay" rather gives away the difference!

  3. So cute! Our kitties love watching the birds as well. They do not like that I closed our upstairs windows to put in window air conditioners so they can't lay in the window anymore to watch the birds.

  4. Some mockingbirds nested near Mom's house. I have seen several little fledgling birds hopping around her front yard. Fortunately she has some shrubs with low branches for them to hide when necessary.

  5. I just love it when I get a little connection to the critters around me! how delightful.

    You were getting a new patio, right? is it done?

  6. Lovey picture and you can tell it is just a baby. So sweet.

  7. Oh that picture is just so beautiful!

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