Monday, April 15, 2019


Thanks go out to my readers for recent uplifting comments.
I feel inspired to carry on and start posting again.
It feels wonderful to know
that although we don't talk face to face
(well, thankfully sometimes some of us do)
you are in my corner
and I am in yours.
Some of us have been posting and 
commenting in the same family
of blogs for 8-10 years!
I think that's amazing and
I just want to say...
"I love you guys"!
This is a remark some of my family members,
including me, 
make when we've tippled one too many 
scotches :)
we get sappy and teary
but in a good way.

Signs of Spring!!

The Ospreys are back!

Green - my favourite colour!

Leaves of an early spring wildflower - Trout Lily

The deer are loving the fresh new grass!

I don't like the smell of skunk cabbage
but I do love the colour and
the spirals!

The wild snowdrops are much more vibrant than my domesticated ones.
Spring also brings out ladies who lunch :)
I was fortunate to meet three school friends in Hamilton
for a nice long catching up lunch.
I love these ladies!!!
Next time I need to wear heels!


  1. Next time you come to town we need to have a wine filled "I love you friend" night lol :) Life throws many things at us - so much better coped with friends

  2. I'm so pleased kazi is having treatment and will most likely be completely free of rogue cells and I send my best wishes for her ongoing well being in all ways.
    Spring will make everything a little easier.

  3. Cheapchick - you're on!!
    Kylie - Thank you so much! It's amazing what some sunshine and warmth can do for our spirits!


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