Monday, November 8, 2010

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge, PEI
also known as the "Fixed Link"
A friend recently made a comment about the bridge in my header that went something like this:
"puh-lease tell me that bridge in the picture is for looks only and people don't drive on that sucker!!"

Wish I could tell you that Susanna but that bridge is very much REAL and I've had to drive across it 4, count 'em, 4 times! It joins two Canadian provinces - Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and is one of three ways to get to the island. Oh yeah, and you pay a $42.50 toll for the privilege of scaring yourself to death! I am no fan of bridges let me tell you! Look at this picture of the Mackinac Bridge which joins the north and south peninsulas of the state of Michigan.

I have actually crossed the Mackinac Bridge (all 5 miles of it) in weather similar to what is shown. By the time I got to the other side after sitting idle for an eternity due to an ACCIDENT it was all I could do to pry my fingers off of the steering wheel but I did because I had to get out of the car to kiss the ground!! The only thing that kept me going was my trusting daughter sound asleep in the back seat. All for a Highland Dance competition.
Need I say - NEVER AGAIN

Crossing the Confederation Bridge which is 13km long was a breeze compared to the Mackinac but of course I have only crossed it in the summer. The alternatives are taking the ferry or a plane. I don't imagine that when I'm living in PEI that I'll be crossing that bridge too often during the winter - if at all! I'm not a great swimmer:)

Weighed in this morning - weight up and down all week but down 2 lbs. for my offical weigh-in today. And yes MCMom in To I am all about a lifestyle change. Not that I didn't eat healthy before - I did - I just love too many unhealthy foods too.  So I let myself have a "treat of the week" yesterday at Starbucks - had my all-time favourite - the chocolate & caramel covered pretzyl and it had no guilt attached to it at all:)

Goals for the coming week:
  • lose 2 more pounds
  • spend only $10 (I had my volleyball beer last week and fully intend to have it again this week!) I mean can only go so far...
What are YOUR goals for this week??


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Confederation Bridge but was sad to see the ferry stop in 1997. I have many wonderful memories of crossing over for weekend camping trips as a kid with my family and a lot of family friends. The bridge is a lot more convenient, no waiting (waits for the ferry could be as long as 5 to 6 hours in the summer) and I actually don't feel scared when driving on it.

    Congrats on your weight loss!

  2. Oh my, I'm definitely not a fan of bridges either!

    I've stayed the same weight wise, but to be truthful, I wasn't really trying very hard to lose. :( I'll try again this week!

    Great job on 2 lbs. That's significant, and you shouldn't lose more than that a week anyway!

  3. You are not alone ...

    Martin hates bridges with a passion. He REALLY hated the confed bridge, as he was driving our semi truck with all our belongings, so we could see OVER the edge and wayyy down below.

  4. LOL I guess I'm a bit different after all. I love going over the bridge. I have crossed the confederation bridge 9 times.
    My goal for the week is to not spend any money on groceries (except bread and milk). We have enough here for the week maybe two if I'm careful.

  5. well I'd gladly wait 12 hours for the ferry if it means I didn't have to drive across that bridge! I really don't do too well with heights and I have only driven on ice ONE time in my whole entire life(don't get much snow/ice down my way). It sure looks beautiful though. There's another road/bridge in the US that people say is bad - the name reminds me of a butterfly but can't think of it! Monarch maybe? You can tell I get around my country huh?! wow for a Highland Dance competition I might venture across a bridge (that's with the hunky men in kilts right?!) but not in the snow and ice..nothing is worth that I don't think!

    hey go for the beer girl you've cut a lot of other areas LOL! I've hit one grocery store twice for some good sale stuff but won't be back unless I see something really worth it like maybe some chicken breasts to re-stock the freezer and some fruit.


  6. Oh no the scary bridge is's funny but I showed my husband that exact same picture at the weekend when I was showing him the Vasco Da Gama bridge in Lisbon. {near to where we hope to move}

    I told him that I'll never be going on either!! lol

  7. it looks stunning in the pictures... but to do it in the snow, no thank you, but to look at it, sure!!! :)

    good luck on the pound goal & to spend $10!!!!

  8. Congratulations on the 2 lb weight loss. Oh, I'm sure you do eat very healthy! I totally get that vibe from looking at your pictures and reading your blog. Like you, I like my treats too, despite my penchant for good, nutritious foods. (I'm also a big fan of chocolate, ju jubes and wine).

    I'm REALLY glad that you had a treat too. It's really important that you do, so you don't feel deprived.

    Useless tidbit for today: a one-half pound to a two pound weight loss per week is a healthy, safe rate. You don't have a lot of weight to lose, so over time you may be at the lower end of the range. It's all good!!

  9. I had no idea so many people didn't like bridges. I had reservations at one time about crossing the Lion's Gate in Vancouver but that was because the darn thing was literally falling apart. I think you'll find that once you're on the island you won't often leave. The weather's too terrible in winter to go anywhere and too nice in summer to want to go anywhere else.

  10. My only goal is to avoid snacking on chips and candy while BF is away for work during the week

    I have a bad habit of turning bad when he's not around :)

  11. The bridge is fun to drive across thought a little boring in the Honda because I can't see over the rails. It was actually designed so that a passenger car can't see below and beyond.
    When we travel in the Truck I love it even more because I can see everything.
    When the bridge first opened we had a walk called Bridge-fest and Hubby and I actually walked to the middle of the bridge. It was fantastic. No fear in this girl.
    I actually feared the Ferries more in the high winds and snow.
    Plus everyone coming home from Moncton would race to catch the ferry crossing because if you missed it, it was another long wait for the next one.
    Sounds as if you are doing good on your weight loss without depriving yourself too much.

  12. hey I bet I could lose 2 lbs if I drove across that bridge! 2 lbs each way then wait and repeat! it's a beautiful bridge but I still shudder thinking 'bout driving on it! what if you get a flat or someone skids and bumps you?? h-e-l-p!

  13. By my count it looks like twice as many of you dislike bridges than like them. Some of you are very brave souls - I really can't see myself walking out to the middle of the bridge like Witch did. I won't even walk out on the ice when people are ice fishing - I really have a fear of water...well, deep water:)


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